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International School in Kuala Lumpur


Founded in 2017, Kingsgate International School is set to become Malaysia’s premier international school. We offer a Kindergarten through to Year 13 programme based on an International British curriculum.


WELCOME TO KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Established in 2017, Kingsgate International School is set to turn into Malaysia's chief international school. We offer a Kindergarten through to Year 13 program dependent on an International British educational plan. PRINCIPAL'S WELCOME I offer you a warm greeting to Kingsgate International School, Malaysia. A co instructive school from Early Years to Year 12. Our workforce, staff, and senior administration are centered around giving a quality learning experience to all understudies through the different curricular and extracurricular chances accessible. Our concentration as instructors will keep on being on getting ready understudies for school and vocations by creating fundamental abilities and practices in a protected and steady environment.International School in Kuala Lumpur. Our educators give thorough, drawing in learning encounters while building solid associations with all understudies and their families. Through advancement and plan we offer our understudies schooling that permits understudies to dream the incomprehensible and understand their mind blowing potential. Individuals from our local area appreciate a-list offices, including a Primary Innovation Lab, the most lovely homerooms in Malaysia and a best in class Secondary School which is expected for fruition in mid 2021. Our School consolidates the most recent innovation, for example, virtual learning spaces and a scope of savvy board innovation, two 3D printers, five Junior SMLab Cagebot Assembly packs, two SMLab Mechatronic DT Trainer and two SMLab Fluid Power Trainer to work with educating and learning.. Our responsibility starts in the Early Years School and brings through to our Secondary School, which envelops our Lower Secondary School (Years 7 to 9) and Upper Secondary School (Years 10 to 12), where we offer IGCSE and A levels. I'm pleased to lead a group of submitted and empathetic experts who show and live the schools statement of purpose, we have confidence chasing greatness through Hearts, Minds and Hands. At Kingsgate International School, learning is consistently advancing, adaptable and receptive to the requirements of our understudies. A promise to giving Inclusive Education guarantees our whole local area of students seek after testing objectives in all parts of their schooling. Moreover, our extensive course contributions furnish understudies with the chance to clear their prospects. As a parent of four kids, I esteem the great obligation you face in picking the right school for your youngster. We are glad for our legacy and humble for your thought to depend us with the instruction of your kid. It is an honor to fill in as the head at Kingsgate International School, and I energetically welcome you to our local area.